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I’m Ewa (pron. Eva) the founder of Sugar and Chic.

Originally from Poland, I’ve called the UK home for over two decades. Nestled near Windsor, Berkshire with my husband, two children, and my feline baby, Archie.


Over a decade ago, I embarked on a journey to turn my passion into a profession. Armed with a degree in Hospitality Management and an experience working at some of the most prestigious places in Scotland and England I found my true calling in the artistry of wedding cake design.


Nature is my muse, and being outdoors fuels my creativity. I find solace in growing my own produce and crafting new, unique flavours that elevate every creation.


My wonderful adventure with jam-making started during the Covid pandemic when the wedding industry faced unprecedented challenges, and my business encountered an abrupt halt.

Amidst the uncertainty, I turned to the solace of my garden, where an abundance of fruits awaited transformation. What began as a creative distraction evolved into a sanity project, an exploration of diverse flavour combinations for jams, cordials, teas, and more. The summer of 2020 marked the birth of my first four flavours, adored by family and friends. Fast forward to 2022 and my Rose Petal and Raspberry jam earned two stars from The Great Taste Awards, with three additional flavours receiving the prestigious award the following year.

Driven by passion and a mission to capture the essence of nature’s bounty, my creations aim to preserve the flavours of summer for year-round enjoyment. Today, I extend these delights to brides and grooms, offering my products as unique wedding favours and exquisite gifts for mothers, bridesmaids, and beyond.

For me, work is not just a task, it’s a passion. With a keen eye for detail and unwavering pursuit of perfection, I pour my heart into every creation.

Join me on this sweet journey, where every cake tells a story, and every detail matters.

Ewa x

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